Episode 12 – Bruce Kulick Interview

In the latest episode we have a very special interview with former Kiss and current Grand Funk Rail Road guitarist Bruce Kulick. During this episode Bruce discusses the making of his upcoming solo album BK3, the special guests that appear on the album which includes Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and John Corabi among others. He also touches upon some of his favorite Kiss moments, the recording of several albums including Revenge and Carnival of Souls, dispels some rumors pertain to the recording of both albums, talks about his memories of Eric Carr, and his involvement in various Rock And Roll Fantasy Camps. He also goes on to discuss his relationship with Paul Stanley and former members of the band Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, and Vinnie Vincent.

Throughout the episode you’ll hear songs Bruce played on from Kiss, Union, and some of his solo work.

These are all of the items touched upon:

Kiss, Grand Funk Rail Road, BK3, Jeremy Rubolino, John Corabi, The Blue Room, Union, Niki Sixx, Revenge, Ferrari, Marshall P90, Les Paul, Orange Tinny Terror, Tears Are Falling, Forever, Unholy, Rain, Carnival Of Souls, Bob Ezrin, Steve Luckather, ESP, Tobias Sammet, Edguy, Gene Simmons, Nick Simmons, Eric Singer, Doug Fieger, Kevin Churkey, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Rain, Five Finger Death Punch, Tommy Thayer, Eric Carr, Ace Frehley, Vinnie Vincent, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley, Mark St. John, Sophie Simmons, Shannon Tweed, Family Jewels, Anomoly, Sonic Boom, Tom Petty, Genghis Khan, Fox On The Run, Slade, Rob Zombie, The Elder, Tail Of The Fox, Rockology, Reunion Tour, Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, Jack Bruce, Cream, Roger Daultry, Pete Townsend, Ron Wood, Audio Dog, Transformer, Judas Priest, Les Binks, Scott Travis, Dave Holland, Wikipedia

The following song are played during the episode:

Bruce Kulick (w/John Corabi) – No Friend Of Mine – BK3
Union – Tangarine – Live At The Galaxy
Kiss – I Walk Alone – Carnival Of Souls
Kiss – Unholy – Revenge
Kiss – Love’s A Deadly Weapon – Asylum

Behind my banter you will hear:

Bruce Kulick – Behind The Lines – BK3
Union – Do Your Own Thing – The Blue Room