Episode 19 – Chuck Billy From Testament

Mars Attacks Classic Interview

For episode 19 of Mars Attacks we have the legendary Chuck Billy of Testament and Dublin Death Patrol. Items discussed during this interview are the Rust In Peace Tour, the recording of new albums by Testament and Dublin Death Patrol as well as the expanded rerelease of DDP´s debut album. He also dispels any rumors regarding Alex Skolnik´s original parting with the band, discusses how cancer has changed his life, and gives his opinion on the term “The Big Four”.

During the episode you’ll hear the following tracks by Testament or Dublin Death Patrol:

More Than Meats The Eye
Over The Walls
Hail Mary
Lights Out – DDP
Draw The Line
Sewn Shut Eyes

Behind My Banter You’ll Hear The Following Testament Tracks:

Souls Of Black
The Evil Has Landed
Into The Pit
Electric Crown
Distorted Lives

Items touched upon are as follows:

Testament, Megadeth, Exodus, The Legacy, The New Order, Rust In Peace, Bonded By Blood, Steve Souza, Alex Skolnik, Billy Milano, Eric Peterson, Megaforce, Metallica, Cliff Burton, Anthrax, Johnny Z, Maria Ferrero, Louie Clemente, The Ritual, Formation Of Damnation, First Strike Still Deadly, The Gathering, Steve DiGiorgio, Dynamo Festival, Eddie Trunk, Death Angel, Forbidden, Judas Priest, Del James, RIP Magazine, Dave Lombardo, Slayer, The Gathering, Dublin Death Patrol, Mascot Records, Bobby Blitz, Overkill, James Hetfield, Low, Mike Tempesta, Jon Dette, Paul Bostaph, Mark Strigl, John Ostronomy