Mars Attacks Podcast – Episode 4 – Interviews with Kings of Modesty & Free Reign

Kings of Modesty & Free Reign

Kings of Modesty And Free Reign Join The Show

During this episode, we interview Rane and Jason from Kings of Modesty, as well as Cory Proctor from Free Reign and the Dallas Cowboys.

These interviews were conducted roughly a month ago, and originally were going to air on Mars Attacks Radio. But around that time, we made a conscious decision to listen to the feedback we were receiving, and switch the format so that the radio show is more of a music-oriented show, and the podcast (which was launched around that time) became an outlet for the interviews that are conducted for the show.

Sans the odd live show, like last week, we will adhere to this format for the foreseeable future. In any event thanks to all of you that listen on a weekly basis to the radio show, and to those of you that have been making the podcast very successful!

That said, let’s get back on track here, Kings of Modesty discuss the making of their full-length album, the recording of their previous EP with Emppu Vuorinen from Nightwish, what it was like to tour with Tarja Turunen and Michael Schenker, as well as their desire to bring Kings of Modesty to North America among other things.

On the Free Reign side of things, Cory discusses the differences with playing on stage as opposed to on the field, the process behind recording the band’s first full-length album and their EP Tragedy, what it was like to take part in the Golden Gods ceremony a few weeks back, and how difficult it is at times to balance life, football, and music.

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