Review – Fates Warning – Paralles – Metal Army America

Interesting that the first words mentioned on this album are “and here we are again”. It was as if lead singer RAY ALDER knew there would be a reissue one day! I have to mention that I wasn’t the biggest FATES WARNING fan back in the day. I had a considerable amount of friends that were into them big time, but I could never get over how much they sounded like QUEENSRYCHE. lead singer RAY ALDER at times sounds like a carbon copy of GEOFF TATE, while JIM MATHEOS and FRANK ARESTI’s dual guitar attack sounded almost identical to CHRIS DEGARMO and MICHAEL WILTON. The rhythm section of JOE DIBIASE and MARK ZONDER also do their best to sound similar to SCOTT ROCKENFELD and EDDIE JACKSON. The comparison is most notabe during the opening track “Leave The Past Behind”.

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