Concert Review – The Chariot, IWABO, The Eyes Of The Traitor, Toumai – Metal Army America

This past Saturday (the 10th), I went to La Sala Kimbara here in Santander, Spain to see a bill that consisted of local acts A.R.D.E.N., TOUMAI, the UK band The EYES OF THE TRAITOR, and IWRESTELEDABEARONCE (IWABO) and THE CHARIOT. Now let me set all of this up for you, sometime in February I interviewed MANU GALLEGO, lead singer of TOUMAI for my Spanish Language podcast Fusion Sonica. At the time I asked if TOUMAI would be doing any shows. At the time he gave me the “don’t tell anyone, cause it’s not 100% confirmed, but we’re playing with THE CHARIOT and a band from Louisiana (IWABO), on April 10th”. He kept telling me how great The CHARIOT was live, and that I had to reserve the date. Being a man of my words, I did.

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