Recap of Episode 31 – Songs from 1992

Here is the playlist for episode 31, all of these songs were released in 1992, or songs with asterisks next to them depict groups that had breakups or important member changes that year.

Kiss – Unholy
Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark
Lynch Mob – Tangled In Your Web
Vince Neil – Look In Her Eyes*
Motley Crue – Uncle Jack*
Ratt – Nobody Rides For Free*
Exodus – Bitch*
Pantera – Fucking Hostile
Tool – Part Of Me
Bad Religion – Generator
Alice In Chains – Got Me Wrong
Testament – Electric Crown
W.A.S.P. – Chainsaw Charlie
Black Sabbath – Computer God
Ministry – Just One Fix
Beastie Boys – Time For Living
King’s X – Black Flag
Manic Street Preachers – Slash & Burn
Faith No More – Be Aggressive
Def Leppard – Tear It Down
Biohazard – Punishment
Body Count – Bowels Of The Devil
Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy
AC/DC – That’s The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll
The Offspring – Kick Him When He’s Down
Manowar – Metal Warriors
Warrant – Inside Out
Ugly Kid Joe – Goddamn Devil
Nine Inch Nails – Gave Up
Suicidal Tendencies, Monopoly On Sorrow
Kyuss – Green Machine
Megadeth – Foreclosure Of A Dream
Dream Theater – Take The Time
Motorhead – Ain’t No Nice Guy
Fear Factory – Martyr
Extreme – Warheads
White Zombie – Black Sunshine