Mars Attacks Episode 12 – Dan Lorenzo & Misery

Dan Lorenzo & Misery

Dan Lorenzo & Misery

During this episode, we have two interviews, one with Dan Lorenzo from Hades, The Cursed, and Non-Fiction.

With Dan we discuss his entire musical career, covering all of the bands listed above, his solo work, and his involvement in Screaming Metal. We also discuss his love for basketball, various festivals, musical influences, etc.

The other interview included in this episode is conducted with brothers Joe and John from the band Misery.

This interview was conducted as a way to prepare for the release of their debut album. This interview goes over all of the basic information surrounding the band, touching on how the band got together, how they transitioned to be the band they are today, what it was like working with Joey Z, among other things. We’re planning on doing a follow-up once the album has been released.

Tracks heard during this interview include:

Keep It Together – Dan Lorenzo
Save You – Misery
Take The Power Back – Misery
A Flower Without Sun – The Greatest Fear
In The Know – Non-Fiction
Absorbed – Hades
Evil In The Bag – The Cursed

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