Mars Attacks Podcast Episode 13 – Bruce Kulick’s Ten

Bruce Kulick


This episode features an interview with Bruce Kulick.

This episode can actually be considered the pilot for Ten, a show in which artists will pick ten songs that they feel define their legacy, or an episode can be based on a specific top, or in the case of this episode discuss a new album at great length.

What we did with Bruce is discuss five tracks off of BK3 (sort of, more on this in a sec), and five classic Kiss tracks. I say sort of because during the heat of the interview we only discussed four tracks off of BK3, but what I did was take a piece from the previous interview I did with him, and splice it into the episode. This way there are five tracks from BK3 discussed! I could give all types of excuses, but I dropped the ball. Oh well, I think the episode came out pretty good, regardless. Hope you the listeners feel the same!

The songs discussed are as follows:

Hand Of The King
Ain’t Gonna Die
I’m The Animal
Between The Lines
No Friend Of Mine
I Walk Alone
Tears Are Falling
Crazy Crazy Nights

You’ll also hear Master & Slave and Dogs Of Morrison played in the background during the episode.

Items touched upon during the episode:

Grand Funk Railroad, Gene Simmons, Family Jewels, Nick Simmons, Eric Singer, Tobias Sammet, Brent Fritz, Union, Edguy, Avantasia, John Corabi, Steve Lukather, Kenny Aronoff, Steak House Studios, A&M Studios, Van Halen, Toby Wright, Paul Stanley, Animalize, Ron Nevison, Michael Bolton, Led Zepplin, Vinnie Vincent, Motown, Steve Vai, Jeremy Rubolino, Keith Moon, Queen, Pink Floyd, Adam Mitchell, Doug Fieger.

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