Accept – Blood Of The Nations Album Review

This was originally going to be posted on another site, but for some reason was vetoed. In any event this is what I put together.

Blood Of The Nations

I had the pleasure of speaking to WOLF HOFFMANN a few weeks back regarding this album for my Mars Attacks Podcast. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties the interview was not saved. In any event, I was able to discuss this album at great length with him, along with the insertion of new lead singer MARK TORNILLO, silencing the pro-UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER critics, etc.

Interestingly enough he mentioned that the band got back together again sort of by accident. He and PETER BALTES had decided to jam, and write some music just for fun, and see what came out of it. Shortly after that a mutual friend introduced them to Mark, and there was really no turning back, no audition process what so ever, they knew he was going to be a great fit, and is he ever! As like many ANDY SNEAP produced albums Blood Of The Nations is strong throughout, and in my opinion right up there with some of their classic UDO fronted albums.

Before delving deeper into the album, let me quickly touch upon the UDO subject. I have no issue with ACCEPT continuing without him. The main songwriters in the band have always been Wolf and Peter. Udo did not want to work with them any longer, so why should the band just sit around and do nothing if he’s only interested in his solo career? Also, listen to the material, its much stronger than anything Udo has done throughout what I deem to be a mediocre solo career. Being that I’m also a Hispanic that is originally from New Jersey like Mark (his last name means screw, as in nail, screwdriver, hammer, etc.) helps their cause as well!

Blood Of The Nations does two things, it captures the band’s classic sound, and brings it into the now, making it very fresh and relevant for 2010. As I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times with groups that have been around as long (or longer) than ACCEPT, this is exactly what you want as a fan. I’ve reviewed albums by such bands as RAGE who try and do the same, but it just ends up sounding very thin, and dated. MOTLEY CRUE is another, where they’ve tried to go with what’s hip today, and not stick to what got them to the dance. Again this at least for me it comes off sort of cheap. Similar to how Mark was brought into the band Andy Sneap contacted the band, and offered his services as a lifelong fan of the band. No other producers where even considered, the end result is instant classic worthy material.

Standout tracks in my opinion are the opening track “Beat The Bastards”, the anthemic “Teutonic Terror” which is guaranteed to stick in your head for a few days, “The Abyss” which was the very first track I heard off of the album, the title track “Blood Of The Nations” and “Pandemic”. This album is easily one of the best that has come out in 2010.

Grade: A+
Victor M. Ruiz