Mars Attacks Podcast 26 – James J. LaRue

During the latest episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast James J. LaRue comes clean about his departures from White Wizzard, and Holy Grail. He is still currently listed in many places as one of the guitarist in Holy Grail, as a matter of a fact Blake Mount is also listed as their bass player in many places, but neither one is currently in the band. During the interview he disuses this, the grueling process that went into recording Holy Grail’s Crisis In Utopia, his experience in White Wizzard, his future, and many other things. This interview is a must for any young musician thinking to break into the industry, as James give you a detailed and honest account of what it is like to be signed to a prominent metal label (Prosthetic). What it’s like to record with a name prouder (Danny Lohner), and what it’s like to be in two bands that have received some notoriety during the course of the last few years.

During this episode you will hear a bunch of songs by Holy Grail, and White Wizzard

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