Mars Attacks Podcast 30 – Russell Allen From Symphony X & Peter Ellis

During this episode you’ll hear interviews from Symphony X lead singer Russell Allen, and ex-White Wizzard/The More I see lead singer Peter Ellis.

During the Russell Allen portion he discusses Symphony X’s current plans, what it was like to record the latest Allen Lande album, and his desire to tour with Star One, among other things. The interview was recorded right before his big announcement with Mike Portnoy, and although he brings the project up, he doesn’t disclose much.

Peter Ellis discusses getting involved in former Prodigy guitarist Giz Butt’s thrash band The More I See. How he met Jon Leon, his involvement in Flying Tigers the soon to be released White Wizzard album, and sets the records straight as to why he is no longer in the band. He also discusses what the future has in store for him.

During this episode you’ll hear songs from Allen/Lande, Symphony X, Star One, White Wizzard, and The More I See

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