Something big is upon us – Part 2

Last Friday I promised to reveal the name of someone involved in a project which I feel will be very big for this site, and Little by little we will be keeping revealing names until disclosing exactly what they will be involved in.

The first name that we are disclosing is Dan Lorenzo.

lg dan910 IMG 1292
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Mr. Lorenzo has played guitar in groups like Hades, Non-Fiction and The Cursed, the latter formed with Blitz from Overkill. Dan has also released several albums, and has been on my shows several times. He is a very direct person, and has no issue expressing exactly what he thinks about any subject. He is an underrated musician who has not been recognized for his director or indirect influence on various well known groups. Here at Mars Attacks it is our pleasure/honor to have Dan onboard for this project.

Dan Lorenzo’s Official Web Site

Additional names to be revealed shortly!