Something big is upon us – Part 3

If you listened to episode 33 of the Mars Attacks podcast you’ll know that we revealed the second person participating in the “big” project.

Regardless what we put together there will be people that will say “is that all?” I am fully aware of the fact that you can’t please everyone, but I think a lot of you will think what we’re putting together is pretty cool. With all of this said, I am very pleased to mention that Joel Gausten is one of the journalists/authors on board for the project. In the event that you have yet to listen to the episode 33, let me tell you who Joel is. He’s played in such bands as Pigface, The Undead, Electric Frankenstein, and is currently working on a project with his wife called Effection Hate. At 17 he was asked by the Misfits to sit in on drums while Dr. Chud recorded all of their potential singers (they selected Michael Graves). He’s the host of the show Glory Is Noise on His latest Book is called From Satan To Sabbath, and contains interviews with some of metal’s most important players/architects.

So we have a guitarist, an author… week a bass player.