Something big is upon us part 4

Last week I promised a bass player…so here goes.

Phil Rind, he is the lead singer and bass player of one of the most overlooked thrash bands of all time, Sacred Reich. The reason for this could in fact have to do with the amount of albums they put out. But I would have to say that the quality of albums they released outshines the quantity of albums that so many others rushed to put out during the same time period.

Classics like Ignorance, Surf Nicaragua, The American Way, Independent and Heal all show varying sides of the band, and stand out in their own way. From One Nation which was covered by Soulfly, to the title track off of Surf Nicaragua (which is the first thing I ever heard from the band) to Independent which I still rate as one of the best albums to come out in the decade of the 90s. The band may not be as known as the “Big Four” or others like Testament, Overkill, Exodus or Death Angel, but their impact can still be felt when listening to bands like Lazarus A.D., Warbringer, and other “retro-thrash” bands.

In recent years the band has started playing some sporadic festivals in Europe. During one of these shows current Marchinehead drummer and former member of Sacred Reich Dave McClaine joined the band on stage to play the title track off of independent.

Phil joins us to add his unfiltered comments to the “big” project.

Sacred Reich’s MySpace

Next week………a lead singer.