Something big is upon us – part 5

So this week we bring you a lead singer….

His name is Peter Ellis; he was a member of White Wizzard, touring with the band, and recording the Dio cover We Rock, and the track Shooting Star. He was also the lead singer of the British band The More I See, which features former The Prodigy guitarist Giz Butt. He is currently working on a project that will help showcase his full range of vocal talents, tying together what he has done in both of the aforementioned bands, and adding additional flavors to the mix that previously were not present.

He has also thrown his hat into the ring and added his input to the “big project”. Here is The More I See’s rendition of the Iron Maiden classic The Wicker Man. Why a cover? Once you hear what Peter is working on it will all make sense!

This week things will begin to pick up, we’ll start disclosing several names per week from here until the commencement of the project!