So the day is here

Ok, so time to let the cat out of the bag the “big project” = the new Classic Albums Column here on and The new column will have comments from artists, producers, show hosts, authors, photographers, PR people, label reps, etc. We will also have a podcast that will coincide with the column where we have interviewed people like Gene Hoglan, Mark Strigl, Charlie Benante and Jorge Salan to get their comments on some of these albums.

The idea here is to roll out a new column once ever month where a different album is discussed. I’m sure there will be more than one person that will be asking why a specific album was or was not selected. There will undoubtedly be positive and negative reaction to some of the comments. The idea here is to discuss some cool albums, and possibly turn some of you onto them, and the people that are commenting on the albums.

There will also be others that will say/think “who the hell is this guy?” Well we’ve got you covered, a bit later today we will release an index that you can reference to find out who someone is, and if interested you can click on the links associated to them to listen to their music, follow them on twitter, Facebook, etc.

Since we’re doing this in conjunction with, there are some Spanish artists and journalists that are involved. These artists are everything from international recording artists with success in Spain, South America and Europe. Others are from national acts, while others are regional artists.

The idea here was to pull together as many comments as possible, good, bad, or indifferent (and you’ll see all of that along the way). That said, we’ve reached out to a lot of other artists and hope to slowly incorporate them as things progress.

If you are an artist and want to get involved all you have to do is e-mail us at (all together) input @

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this new column!