Something big is upon us – part 10

A few more names as we get closer to the 13th!

Seth Thacker is the guitarist of Claksville, Tennessee’s Straight Line Stitch. Their latest album The Fight Of Our Lives offers some of the best/most unique melodic vocals in all of metal, as well some of the most kick ass guttural vocals to boot. The band has gone out of their way to demonstrate that they are more than just a band with a “hot” lead singer. The song writing has matured a considerable amount, and for me is one of the better releases to come out this year.

Here is the video for the track Conversion:

Dave Starr has been in and out of Vicious Rumors on several occasions. The last time he left the band was to focus on his new project Wildestarr. In Wildestarr Dave plays both 12 string bass and all of the rhythm and lead guitars. Their lead singer London Wilde has a very unique voice as well, as she sounds closer to Rob Halford or Jeff Tate, than she does to any other female singer. They are currently working on a new album, in the meantime here’s a track off of their previous album called Arrival:

Jane Alisabeth Grey is lead singer of the band The Greatest Fear. If you’ve listened to my shows, you’ll already have heard tracks like A Flower With Out Sun, and Aberration. Her unique voice, and song writing ability makes The Greatest Fear a band to look out for.