Something big is upon us – part 13

Today we reveal an assorted number of members of the musical community that aren’t known for being musicians, and are part of the “big project”. Well the first part isn’t entirely true.

Mark Strigl is the co-host of one of the most successful metal podcasts of all time. He along with John Ostronomy have from being the hosts of the Talking Metal Podcast, to hosting Head Bangers Ball on MTV2 to having their own show on the Fuse network. The Talking Metal Jams where collaborations at the end of each Fuse show where John and Mark covered some classic tracks with an assortment of famous musicians. The following video includes Mark and John jamming with Mike Portnoy on drums, Frank Bello on bass, and Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth on lead vocals. They call themselves Turtlehead, and they do a great cover of Motorhead’s Overkill.

Mark also has a solo podcast called The Mark Strigl Show, and runs two stations on the Live365 network. You can find links to both of them at (I actually help program stream A).

Vince Neilstein is one of the editors in chief over at Their site is a must read for any metal fan, and I am not just saying that because Vince has agreed to partake in this project. I read the site several times a day, comment on posts from time to time, and actually sport one of their t-shirts. You might not like what they have to say about your favorite band, and they may surprise you when it comes to bands they actually do dig. But in the end, it is all a great read, and entertaining none the less.

To check out Metal Sucks go here.

Greg Prato has been on the podcast. He has authored books such as MTV Ruled The World, The Eric Carr Story, and Grunge is Dead (among others). His interviews can also be found on and, etc. He is currently working with Carmine Appice on his biography, and will have a book out in September on the 80s New York Jets called Sack Exchange. His books can be purchased from or

Kevin Estrada is a photographer that has done everything from sneak his camera into early Van Halen shows when he was a kid (some of those shots made it into an Ian Christie book). He has gone onto professionally photographing many well know artists like Kiss, My Chemical Romance, Fergie, etc. He has also directed videos for Serj Tankian among others, worked at labels, and can be seen in Nirvana’s video for Smells Like Teen Spirit.

To check out more of Kevin’s work go to his official web site.

Dustin Hardman has been working within the industry since the late 80s. He is currently the Web Promotion Manager for Frontiers Records US. His label has been behind getting projects like Allen/Lande off the ground, pairing Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville, putting out Whitesnake’s latest album Forever, and will be releasing new albums from Warrant, Journey and Black ‘N Blue later this month.

To check out what Frontiers has to offer, go here.

Jim Florentine, comedian, and co-host of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic has signed on to form part of the “big project”. My first introduction to Jim was on the Howard Stern Show. I immediately ran out and bought the first two Terrorizing Telemarketers CDs after listening to the show. I always think of the track Broken Record whenever I have to do any sort of “cold calling”. Check out “The Vacuum”, and you’ll get a feel for Jim’s brand of humor:

Go Jim’s official home page to find out what Jim is up to.