Something big is upon us – part 14

So we’re getting closer to the 13th, today we unveil two massively talented guitarists, and a bald freak!

The latter is Ron Scalzo, mastermind behind Q*Ball, lead singer/keyboard player of Return To Earth, an extremely talented producer that has helped someone by the name Ron Thal (more about him in a sec) with a plethora of his recordings. Here is Ron in action with Return To Earth:

Follow Return To Earth at the following sites:

Metal Blade Records
Official Web Site
Bald Freak Music
Bald Freak Music on YouTube

Follow Ron on twitter @BaldFreakMusic

Metal Mike Chlasciak is best known for his work in Halford. He has also played with his own band Pain Museum, Sebastian Bach, and Testament to name a few. He is currently a columnist for Guitar World, recently debuting his column Metal For Life. You can also check out his 10 Essential Metal Licks here.

Here’s a video by Pain Museum called Speak The Name

Here’s the official live video for Halford’s Made In Hell from their Rock In Rio DVD.

You can check Mike out on his official site here or via twitter @MetalMikeC

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal is a member of Guns N Roses, has recorded with Q*Ball (as mentioned above) and is currently releasing a new single per month. He is the master of the fretless guitar, can play pretty much any style of music he desires, and is actively involved in raising money for the MS Research Foundation.

Here’s Ron showing you how to play Strangles off of The Adventures Of Bumblefoot:

Here’s the track Dash:

You can go here to find out more regarding Ron, or donate to the MS Foundation by purchasing an autographed CD. You can also following Bumblefoot on twitter: @bumblefoot