Something big is upon us – part 15

Two legendary drummers sign on for the “big project”.

Charlie Benante is the drummer, and one of main song writers in Anthrax. He has also worked with S.O.D., his drumming on their first album Speak English Or Die features what many consider to be the origin of the blast beat. Anthrax tracks like I’m The Man and Bring The Noise (their collaboration with Public Enemy) arguably became the foundation/reference point for a lot of metal that came out during the 90s. His work has influenced legions of players over the years.

Here’s a clip of the classic Caught In A Mosh:

Here’s Room For One More:

Here’s the original version of Milk by S.O.D.:

Gene Hoglan is a name that frequently pops up in interviews, especially when asking drummers about their influences. He’s played with Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Death, Testament, Dark Angel, Dethklok, Zimmers Hole, Meldrum, etc., etc. He is known as The Atomic Clock, and has created a blast beat of his own (The Hoglan Blast). He’s very honest, and has no issue stating his opinion.

Here is Fear Factory’s Fear Campaign it shows that instead of getting softer with age, Gene is heading in the opposite extreme.

Strapping Young Lad’s Detox:

Zimmers Hole’s When You Were Shouting At The Devil….We Were In League With Satan