Something big is upon us – part 7

The “big project” will be launched next Friday, May 13th. Leading up to said date, we will disclose multiple names per day.

The people we disclose today used to play together in White Wizzard. The first person in question is Jon Leon, bass player is arguably the “mastermind” behind the band’s music, image, etc.

The second person is James J. LaRue who went from White Wizzard Mach I to Holy Grail Mach I! He is more than just a metal guitarist and will soon bring is some interesting news regarding his future….can’t wait!

Also can’t wait to hear what White Wizzard does after welcoming Wyatt “Screaming Demon” Anderson back to the fold. Flying Tigers has a lot to live up to, especially after the High Speed GTO and Over The Top releases.

Here is the video for High Speed GTO which features both Jon and James:

Although the following video does not feature James, the track does feature his playing. On an interesting note, the video does feature Erik Kluiber (currently in Gypsyhawk, and former member of White Wizzard), and some other guitarist who has since been replaced by former Bonded By Blood guitarist Alex Lee.

Here is an instructional video with James: