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Queens Of The Stone Age Mars Attacks Podcast Songs For The Deaf


This month’s Classic Albums Column focuses on Queens Of The Stone Age’s Songs For The Deaf. Mars Attacks Podcast episode 43 features comments from Charlie Benante, Gene Hoglan, Mark Strigl and Alan Tecchio. As we established with the previous podcast we also discuss why this album was selected. You will find the podcast at the bottom of this post.



Greg Prato – This was probably the last true CLASSIC hard rock album in my mind (meaning it held its own against such albums as Superunknown, Nevermind, etc.). I was lucky to see the Dave Grohl QOTSA line-up play a small venue shortly before this album came out. WOW! Great stuff. Such a shame that Nick Oliveri left the band after this album, as I feel he was a major reason why QOTSA was so powerful and special during this era. Hopefully one day he will return…

Jon Leon – Solid record. Very unique riffing. Dave Grohl showed his diversity on drums and gained more of my respect. Everyone should own, though not a top 25 of metal.

Erik Kluiber – A few songs are ripping, some are very meh.

Phil Rind – Their greatest record. Great songs and Chris Goss, Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan to boot.

James J. LaRue – I don’t know much about Kyuss, or Screaming Trees. All of this dusty desert rock seems related when you dig beneath the surface.

My introduction to QOTSA was, like with Metallica, a music video. “Go with the Flow”, by Shynola. At the time, an amazing and groundbreaking video. But the rest of the album doesn’t live up to the colorful, digital razzle-dazzle of the video.

It’s more of a darker, “stonery” grunge-type sound. Similar to what Grohl did on the Probot album. I like Dave though, even though I don’t like Nirvana.

I’m fond of the area and geology where QOTSA found their inspiration. I love the deserts of the American southwest. Still, I find myself wishing there would be less slop and buzz to their sound.

Scott Middleton – Certainly the pop record Kyuss never made. Josh Homme and co had hinted at this kind of greatness with their first two records, but with SFTD it was as if they had thought “let’s make the catchiest stoner rock ever” and “Why not get Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan to play on it too?”.

Joe Baresi nailed the production on what would essentially be Queens’ last true Stoner Rock album and it fuckin’ rules!

Jaye Schwarzer – This is in my opinion still one of the best sounding records I think I’ve ever heard.

Huge, raw guitars. Massive drums. Mark Lanegan’s eerie baritone smoked out voice and Dave Fucking Grohl on drums. It’s a stone-cold groove!

Chris Tsangarides – Of most post-Grunge bands these guys really did it for me, I was a fan of Kyuss but I really do prefer QOTSA.

I love the power of this band and also the great quirky grooves which are very reminiscent of old Captain Beefheart. If anyone knows me they would tell you what the good captain and the magic band have had a huge impact on my musical tastes.

Watching the band play at Milton Keynes Bowl was a great moment in time.

Jim Florentine – Very overrated band

JL – Having Dave Grohl on the drums is like having life insurance. I’m surprised that you can practically hear the chain on his bass drum pedal at the beginning of “A Song For The Dead”.

Mark Lanegan is brilliant on “The Hangin’ Tree”. It is obvious that Josh Homme always has the perfect riff in mind, like on “Millionaire” or ”First it giveth”, as well as the intricate tuning of “No One Knows”.

Fer Fukyea – The third album by these ex-members of Kyuss, a band that pioneered “stoner” rock/metal.

The album is in my opinion the best by the group; it is an unbelievable explosion of creativity. It is a very diverse rock album, with loads of influences, yet sounds uniquely like them. The album is filled with hard rocking tracks, although it does have an assortment of mellow tracks, and some others that are somewhat odd.

An interesting tidbit surrounding this album is that Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Probot, etc.) recorded all of the drum tracks after the band’s drummer, Gene Trautmann decided to focus on other projects.

I have a special admiration for Dave Grohl, and to tell you the truth he did an excellent job with the album.

David Lozano – I never thought that I would enjoy the style of music on this album so much. But, they sucked me in, and so many others.

Without a doubt this is a classic, I love this album.

Sean BryantSongs for the Deaf brought me back into heavy music. For a few years I was away doing some other fancy electronic shit, but, once I heard the tone, melody, and general badassery of their new album, I knew instantly that the Heavy was going to reappear within my brain!

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