Podcast Episode 40 – Jon Leon of White Wizzard Part 1

jon leon white wizzard


This episode is broken up into three parts; this is due to the fact that Jon Leon and I spoke on several occasions, and a few hours at a time.

Not everything that we discussed pertained to the band, so we trimmed off some fat, and focus on White Wizzard. During our three-part interview with Jon, you’ll hear him discuss their yet to be released album Flying Tigers (it comes out on September 19th), former members of the band, his side on why things didn’t work out with them in the band, issues he’s had with a certain metal website (Metal Sucks), and several uncertainties surrounding the band and their aforementioned new album.

Along the way, he brings up some interesting names that were contacted to step in before Michael Gremio joined the fold. We also debut music off of Flying Tigers, ex-White Wizzard lead singer Peter Ellis’ new band Monument, and mix that in with tracks off of White Wizzard’s three releases.

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