Podcast Episode 41 – Lazarus A.D. / Bonded By Blood / Wormhole

lazarus a.d. bonded by blood wormhole

Lazarus A.D. | Bonded By Blood | Wormhole

During the latest episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast, we have three special interviews, two with Jerry Garcia, and one with Jeff Paulick from Lazarus A.D.

Interestingly enough I spoke to both Jerry and Jeff while Lazarus A.D. and Bonded By Blood were on tour in Europe. Shortly after speaking to Jerry, I found out that he was out of the band. So the second interview deals with his departure from Bonded By Blood, and his new band Wormhole, which also features former Bonded By Blood lead singer Jose Barrales.

During the Jeff Paulick portion of the episode, he discusses what it’s like to come out of a place like Kenosha, and make it to a label like Metal Blade, the recording process behind Black Rivers Flow, and an issue that took place in England earlier this year which involved the band.

The episode is full of tracks by Lazarus A.D., Bonded By Blood, and Megadeth!

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