Erik Kluiber answers back

When putting the Jon Leon interview together, I knew that I would be susceptible to receiving all types of feedback from those discussed in the interview. I just didn’t know how soon after the interviews were posted that I’d start to receive comments.

Before posting Erik’s comments, I want to mention that I did reach out to him once he was officially out of the band, and he wasn’t interested in mentioning anything beyond the Sleaze Roxx interview he had done. He felt that the band was behind him and he wanted to move on. In two weeks you’ll hear a new interview with Erik, when recording this interview he took the same stance and figured that it would be better just not to comment on White Wizzard.

Well after the Jon Leon’s interview with me, Erik sent the following, I’m not taking sides, just posting what was sent, so don’t shoot the messenger!:

“Here’s the receipt for the apt rent and deposit I paid for. His real name is Leon Pimintel Jr even though he signed as Jon Leon….. Shady…. I previously called him a few days after I had arrived in mid-March explaining I found a better place in Hollywood (didn’t want to move to the suburbs and already had bad vibes from him). This call was made within 24 hrs of him pressuring me to move into the apt. I didn’t have to pay for an apt I wasn’t on the lease for and didn’t want to move into, but I paid Leon to keep things cool. Not only did I pay my end of the “deal”, but Leon kept ½ of my security deposit even though I never moved in. Leom could have easily told the tenants they could stay back in March when I told him, but he didn’t. They ended up staying till April 9th, I paid him, never got my full deposit back, and that’s that. You tell me who got skrewed.

Jon Leon is a douchebag, end of story.”


You be the judge!

On a side note Jon Leon did also mention that he would more than likely setup a blog post further discussing what went down with the former members of the band.