Jon Leon fires back

I want to make it abundantly clear, that I am not taking sides on who is wrong, or who is right with any of these accusations. It is not my place to do so. I am in the middle providing a platform for any of the current or former members of White Wizzard to address anything that was mentioned regarding them in any of the interviews I have conducted. I do feel it is just as important for Jon Leon as Erik Kluiber to have a voice.

Jon Leon sent the following regarding Erik Kluiber’s previous comments:

Jesus tap dancing christ…..this is a joke. Complete lie about calling about anything. I found out he rented another place third party from other band members and he left me hanging. I did this as a favor to help him and Wyatt when they arrived in LA and I got burned. Phone call? Right…….tenants did not stay until April 9-total fucking lie. How would he even know? He was only asked for a deposit to go through with allowing the tenants to leave the apt after he agreed to do so after arrival. I lost my place an much more money as I was responsible for the full april rent-way more than 750 dollars. I was even covering part of the monthy rent for them! The tenants were already out when he changed his mind. This place was hardly the suburbs. It is North Hollywood-2 blocks from our former studio. Erik just changed his mind-but after committing. We had an agreement and he blew it off. He wanted to party in his own studio apt in hollywood and that is fine, but he committed and changed his mind after I evicted my tenants. Period. Fuck the spin. It is a joke. That is the bottom line……..and it does not diminish all of the other shit he pulled that is 100 percent truth. Amazing.

He followed up with this:

Let me be very clear about this as well…….Total rent on my place was 1300 dollars. Erik had agreed to pay half of the places rent and I was covering the other half until Wyatt could get some kind of income, so he would have a place as well. I had to pay the entire rent for that following month and give up my lease as I could not get someone in time to rent the place. I lost my place because Erik pulled out and changed his mind. NO OTHER REASON. he fucked me and uses excuses of my being shady-JOKE. You have to ask, what would a guy doing this and even taking up half the rent have in motivation to be “shady” about? I was helping him out and he agreed to it! He then changed his mind and will not accept and never did accept he screwed me and caused me to lose my place. What is shady? Giving him my place so Wyatt would have a spot too when he was broke that was a total rent of 1300 a month for 750 a month when I was going to be paying the rest? Erik found a cheap studio apt after a full commitment with me and did not want to share a place with anyone to have a single party pad and just changed his mind last minute. Wyatt ended up stuck on our other guitar players couch and it hurt his adjustment to LA. He thinks he has no accountability for that. He sees no wrong in agreeing to go forward and just changing his mind after the fact and leaving me and in my opinion the band fucked. We agreed to have me keep some money…….because I was losing hundreds more! It was a compromise agreed on with the whole band present. Erik knew he was in the wrong and it was discussed in full presence of all. This is all a joke and Erik is the only “shady” one in this. I lost an apartment I owned the lease on for 1 reason-Erik Kluiber. Beyond any hearsay-that is an unavoidable fact.

The bottom line is I’m a fan of all of the music that both Erik and Jon have been involved with. If not I would not be willing to give either of them the time of day. This is also why this week’s episode of Mars Attacks Radio will be dedicated to nothing but music from White Wizzard or any other band remotely associated to the band. Regardless of any personal turmoil with the band and its former members I still believe in the music, in all of the music these great musicians have to offer.


Additional comments received from Jon Leon:

Another final note in this bullshit. White Wizzard LLC is owned by me under AKA Jon Leon and I have been using this name as an artist for years and there is nothing “shady”about it. The whole point was to keep it simple. I also stated on the show that there was an initial conversation of not charging any deposits. That was more intended for Wyatt as he had ZERO money when he came out to join WW. Erik did, and upon his arrival and my girlfriends suggestion as we both felt he was a bit off , I took a small deposit to cover my ass. We felt it smart to at least get something. Normally I would ask for a full months rents worth for a deposit(1300) to cover 30 days notice and any damages. As such, he was only charged 750. He was given half back even by me. He deserved to not get any back when you consider the simple facts that I was responsible for the following months full 1300 and that I had to negotiate out of my lease. In the end I ended up losing way more money and paying under 2k, so you be the judge of who got fucked. I held up my end of the deal and was foolish to remove my tenants for him. I was just trying to find a happy medium because the guy just joined the band. He was totally disrespectful and screwed me pretty good. Anti WW people will buy the spin and disregard these facts, but they are 100 percent truth. Hopefully any sane person without bias can see that. That is why I told the story, I just did not like the guy after that and did not fully trust him. I should have fired him then, but hind site as well all know is 20/20…….I was trying to put the best line up out there so I forgave it and tried to move on……in the end that was my biggest mistake to date.