Review – Anthrax – The Devil You Know

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The Devil You Know

Worship Music is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Not only for me personally, but for the entire metal community. Till now things have been pretty tightlipped with the album, at least for a small fry like me! Although I had sort of heard the leadoff single Fight Em Till You Can’t a few years ago when Dan Nelson fronted Anthrax at the Kobetasonik festival, kudos to the band for making the material impossible to hear until said song was made available for free download a few weeks back.

As the release date of Worship Music approaches, I anxiously check my e-mail, and all of the pertinent label sites on a daily basis to see if additional content off of the album has been made available. No dice, so I actually went out and purchased the single once it became available on iTunes.

At first listen I recognized a riff I had seen Scott Ian playing on an album teaser. I thought, ok, let’s see how this progresses. To my surprise/delight, the track has a good mix of old, and new Anthrax. For everyone wanting this to be a 100% throwback to Spreading The Disease or Among The Living, this song isn’t that. It also has equal parts of the darkness of The Persistence Of Time, and Catharsis off of Volume 8 injected into the soul of the track.

For as much as we’ve all seen Lars Ulrich try to not play something “stock”, Charlie Benante once again proves that just following the norm isn’t his style. Gauging from the two tracks that have been released this could be the most anthemic Anthrax album to date. Although the track seems as if it was geared towards the aforementioned Nelson, Joey has managed to make this track his, something a lot of other singers would not have been able to do. His singing sounds reminiscent of The Persistence Of Time, which happens to be my favorite album by the original line up. Rob Caggiano’s solo on the track is possibly his strongest to date with the band. Frank Bello brings those classic backing vocals, and pummeling bass line to the mix, and what can be said about Mr. Ian’s right hand that hasn’t been brought up before.

The album is shaping up to be very strong and very worthy follow up to We’ve Come For You All. That said; let’s not forget Winston Wolf’s famous line. That said, this track really has me pumped for the release of Worship Music.

Rated: A+