Review – Arch Enemy – Khaos Legions

Arch Enemy
Khaos Legions

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Arch Enemy, although I do appreciate their music, and have become accustomed to adding a song off each new album to my iPod/iPhone. I first started listening to them before Angela Grossow joined the band, and although she did add a new dimension to the band, I have usually gravitated towards other bands like Lamb Of God when wanting to listen to this type of metal. As a result I went into this album not expecting anything. As a result I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed the album.

Yesterday Is Dead And Gone is the token leadoff single which as mentioned above ends up on my iPod. The song is along the lines of other singles off of past albums, and although the song is good, it’s what you’ve come to expect from them. So again, I was thinking one and out. The band hasn’t grown much in a while, and perhaps that’s why this album has attracted me, because they take some chances. I’m also not referring to the covers on the album either. This perhaps has to do with The Root Of All Evil album, or the albums the Amott brothers have released outside of the band in recent years?

Tracks that got my attention include Bloodstrained Cross, Under Black Flags We March, No Gods, No Masters, City Of The Dead, Through The Eyes Of A Raven, Vengeance Is Mine and Secrets.

The album presents a melodic aspect to the band’s music, akin to things that you might have heard from Judas Priest or your typical power metalers. I’m not saying you have your typical keyboards, and sing along choruses, but they make these melodic aspects of music that I’m referring to fit.

It is a good album, their best since perhaps 2001’s Wages Of Sin.

Rated: B+