Review – Black ‘N Blue – Hell Yeah!

Black ‘N Blue
Hell Yeah!

Anytime a band puts out an album I try and compare it to a band’s past work, and the best thing to have recently come out by a similar band. Without a shadow of a doubt (at least to me) Ratt’s Infestation is the best hard rock album of the past few years, the best album from a band of this type of hard rock/metal. The album sounds like a classic Ratt album, but is also up to date in sound, making it also sound very fresh. Bands from the 80s are sometimes put in a tough spot. Do they imitate their past glories to keep their core audience happy, or do they try putting out something more up to date in the hopes of capturing some new followers? Ratt was able to do both, could Black ‘N Blue do the same?

Black ‘N Blue’s biggest claim to fame at the moment is that current Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer originally played in the band. Although they had a song or two that was played on rock radio, and played on some decent tours, they aren’t one of the most popular bands of that era. Perhaps this album demonstrates why? Or perhaps Thayer not being part of the mix has effected how the band writes?

The album is by no means bad, and I’m sure plenty of fans of this type of metal will tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, but the album really lacks originality, or any sort of real catchiness. There are some solid songs on the album, but they all sound like other bands. For example Target sounds like Kiss, Fools Bleed like Aerosmith and, Hail Hail like AC/DC. Actually C’mon sounds as if it is left over track from the Kiss album Animalize.

Again the album isn’t bad, and I’m sure most fans of 80s hard rock and metal will enjoy it. Getting back to the Ratt album, that album didn’t bring anything new to the table, however it did add a chapter to the band’s history that can be argued about, and compared in a good light to their classic albums. You could definitely tell that was a Ratt album. There is nothing wrong with a band demonstrating their influences, but as far as Hell Yeah! is concerned, maybe one song that I can point to and say, oh yeah, now that’s Black ‘N Blue.

Rating: C+