Review – Tyr – The Lay Of Thrym

The Lay Of Thrym

Every time I am provided material by a “Viking Metal” band, I can’t help but think of how hokey these sub-genres actually are. How does this vary from “Folk Metal”? What about “Pagan Metal”? “Celtic Metal”? The line is so blurred between a lot of these sub-genres that it further proves how dumb the need to put a label on something actually is. To boot, a lot of this doesn’t vary all that much from “Power Metal”!

This is the Austrian band’s 6th studio album. The musicianship on this album is outstanding, and is very much in line with what you’ve come to expect from any band that fits any of the sub-genres mentioned above. The album has everything you’d hope, anthemic choruses, battle inspired lyrics, polka like beats at times, plenty of double bass on other occasions, a plethora of arpeggios, some shredding, riffs any festival crowd will more than likely chant along to, etc.

Stand out tracks on the album include Flames of The Free, Shadow Of The Swastika, Take Your Tyrant, Fields Of Fallen and the closer/title track The Lay Of Thrym.

Although a lot bands have come out these past few years that offer this type of metal, Tyr is definitely ahead of the curb, and one of the only bands of this ilk that is worth more than a quick listen.

Rating: B