Review – Voices Of Extreme – Break The Silence

Voices Of Extreme
Break The Silence

I do realize that this album came out almost a year ago, but it just recently found its way to me.

Given the bands name, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are so many terms that are used in metal, like say “extreme” that are used in a plethora a ways, and usually overused to describe things. How extreme was this actually going to be? If you couldn’t tell this is the first time I’ve listened to anything by the band, and I’m sure what I’ve mentioned above has already been brought up a million times.

The album starts off really strong, with four solid AOR/hard rock tracks. The highlight of the entire album is lead singer Don Chaffin. Although not original, these first four tracks are very catchy in their own regard. From the Chris Cornell influenced Damned, to the mid-tempo Tell Me What it Takes, to the nu-metalish Apocalypse, to the title track Break The Silence. After that however, the album falls into a generic lull. The final track Sorry is alright, but the rest in between is lacking the catchiness the first four tracks bring to the table.

Chaffin has a very strong voice; he channels everyone from the aforementioned Cornell, to Fastway era Dave King. It’s a shame that his voice is relatively unknown, even with Dan Spitz and Nicko McBrain attaching their names to the band at different points in time. I would definitely recommend checking out the first half of the album, and deciding for yourself.

Rated: B-