Podcast Episode 44 – Doro Pesch & Alexis Brown Of Straight Line Stitch

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Doro Pesch & Alexis Brown Of Straight Line Stitch Join The Show

During the latest episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast we have two special interviews, one with Doro Pesch, and the other with Straight Line Stitch’s Alexis Brown.

Doro came on to lend her comments to the Classic Albums Column, but we ended up veering off into another direction and discussed her collaboration with Peter Steele on the track “Decent”. How she pulled together the special guests featured on her DVD 25 Years In Rock (which is about to be released in the US).

Some upcoming shows in New York and Chicago will also feature a series of special guests. What it was like for her to jump on stage with Twisted Sister at the end of the NY Steel Benefit show, among other things. She also lets slip that she’s writing new material that will end up on her next album.

Alexis Brown isn’t your typical singer. Yes, she’s featured as one of the “Hottest Chicks In Metal”, but her voice sets her apart from pretty much any other singer that has been featured on Revolver’s list.

She has a unique style that was forged by listening to some artists that may not be deemed as “cool” by today’s standards. But she has no issue discussing them with us.

Some of the other things she discussed include the recording of Straight Line Stitch’s latest album The Fight Of Our Lives, what it’s been like to tour with the band, the camaraderie with other bands, and even lending a hand to Kittie. She also points out how important it is for the band to make an impression every night on stage.

Throughout the episode, you’ll hear assorted tracks from both Doro and Straight Line Stitch.

Thanks to Bill from E1 and Liz from Earsplit Compound(not Ear Splitter like is mentioned during the episode) for setting things up with Alexis and Doro.

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