New Commentator for the Classic Albums Column

We’re working hard to get as many comments as we can on all of the featured albums. Little by little we’re adding people as we go, and although there are stumbling blocks here and there, it’s astonishing how many of the people involved mention how much fun it is to revisit these albums. We receive all types of comments, everything from being on tour with a certain band, to others letting us know how an album made them pick up an instrument, etc. What we’re going to do from now on is post who has just come along and lent their comments to the column.

Now, we have plenty of people that agree to provide us with their comments, but due to the fact that they’re too busy, or aren’t permitted by someone in their camp, they aren’t unable to participate. We aren’t listing them on the site because we feel it would be a big let down to mention someone has sent us their comments, and things don’t end up panning out. If you want your favorite band or artist to lend their comments to the column, let them know, tell them to contact us at input[@] (without the brackets).

With regards to some of the newest additions. The first is a guitarist, he’s played in Nevermore, Testament and a slew of other bands, including his current band Forbidden, his name is Steve Smyth. Members of the legendary thrash band Death Angel are also involved, their guitarist Ted Aguilar and drummer Will Carroll have provided us with their thoughts. Staying in the Bay Area, you have John Nymann from legendary hard rock band Y&T. Hailing from NYC by the way of Salt Lake City you have Sean Bryant of the band Hull. Pest, the vocalist for Norwegian death metal band Gorgoroth is on board. So is Owain, guitarist of the British band Xerath. One of the most prolific hard rock and metal authors, Martin Popoff we gracious enough to lend his comments to the podcast portion of the column, as has guitar virtuoso Dave Reffett. If you don’t know who Dave is check out Shredding The Envelope’s The Call Of The Flame. It is chalked full of great guests like Joe Stump, Michael Angelo Batio, Glen Drover, Chris Poland, George Lynch, and Mike Mangini (would be cool to get all of those folks involved as well!).

Keep checking back for updates, and thanks to all of you that listen/read the Classic Albums Column here on Mars Attacks.