Help James Murphy

I was saddened to read that James Murphy may once again have health issues. James is best known for playing in groups like Testament, Death, Obituary, and has produced a plethora of great albums.

I have been trying to contact him to discuss some of the albums featured in the Classic Albums Column, and had not heard back from his management in a while. His management team mentioned that he would probably be psyched to comment, but that they would have to discuss this him further. Some time went by, and I figured he was just busy working on another great release, for my money Lazarus A.D.’s Black Rivers Flow is the best album to come out this year, James had a hand in making this album so special. But in the back of my mind, I did remember his cancer scare and hoped that nothing health related was keeping them from getting back to me.

Blabbermouth has posted the following quote from James:

“Some troubling news for me in the last couple days. The bloodwork that was done recently revealed that the hormone indicator for the tumor I battled and defeated nine years ago is now 20 times higher than the low it reached as recently as one year ago. This could be indicative of a recurrence. Next step is an MRI, scheduled for the 11th of this month, to determine how much the tumor has grown. I am keeping a positive attitude about it and just moving forward.”

They also mention that Deron Miller (World Under Blood, CKY) is trying to raise money to help James with his medical expenses. This comes from his Facebook Page:

“James Murphy, legendary rock/metal guitarist (helped me with WORLD UNDER BLOOD’s ‘Tactical’ CD) has just informed me that the brain tumor he was diagnosed with in [2001] had been improving and shrinking for the last several years… is returning rapidly. If my wife Felissa and I could get our Facebook friends to each PayPal at least $1, he will have an easier time covering the expenses that come with having no insurance and being a musician/producer. I’m asking you to contribute as much as you want, but the person that contributes the most will recieve something very special from my wife and I. I’m not trying to make a competition out of this, I just want my buddy well again. Please share this post and the PayPal address is 100% of the money will go to his treatment and expenses. Thanks so much in advance!!!”

You can read the entire article here.

Let’s all band together and do what we can to help James out. From here we send our thoughts and prayers out to James Murphy and his family.