Tonight’s Mars Attacks Radio – Worship Anthrax

Mars Attacks Radio

Just repeating what was mentioned last night. Tonight’s episode of the Mars Attacks Radio Show features an hour’s worth of Anthrax. I mention this at the beginning of the show, growing up Anthrax was the thrash band in my opinion. Everyone loved Metallica and Slayer, wore their t-shirts to school, etc. So I instantly hated those bands, and gravitated to Anthrax and Megadeth. Looking back now, I realize that was a bit ignorant, but it also helped me gain a certain appreciation for all four bands that would have not taken place had I of just gone with the flow.

Being the oddball that I am, the episode will contain obscure tracks, live tracks, covers, classic tracks and music off of the band’s new release Worship Music.

Mars Attacks Radio airs exclusively on stream A of Mark Strigl Radio 8PM EST / 5PM PST. You can also listen to the episode directly from our homepage.