Oh it’s big! And it’s coming tomorrow!

The Classic Albums column moves forward, and this time around a Thrash gem will be discussed. The podcast alone will feature:

Mark Strigl
Alan Tecchio
Dave Reffett
Martin Popoff
Mitch Lafon of Bravewords
Jon Schaffer
Doro Pesch
Gene Hoglan
Glen Drover
Chris Poland
Hosts of Metal Assault and Iron City Rocks

Written comments from:

Dan Lorenzo
Jon Leon
Joel Gausten
Metal Mike
Erik Kluiber
Phil Rind
James J. LaRue
Will Carroll
Steve Smyth
Chad Bowar
Jason Bittner
Ripper Owens

As well as members of Madball, This Or The Apocalypse, Cancer Bats, Benedictum, Bonded By Blood, DC4, Angelus Apatrida contributors to Metal Sucks, Dose Of Metal, Focus On Metal and Metal Underground.

To top things off you’ll be able to read a Q&A from a founding member of the band who’s intro into the album’s title track is arguably the most recognizable piece of metal music of all time!

Get ready, I think/hope you guys will enjoy this episode.