Podcast Episode 55 – Vinny Appice and Steve Zing

Vinny Appice Steve Zing Mars Attacks Podcast Episode 55


The latest episode of Mars Attacks Podcast contains interviews with Vinny Appice and Steve Zing. Both of these interviews were conducted a few months back, before Black Sabbath announced their return, and before the Danzig Legacy dates took place. As a result, some questions regarding both of these topics have since been answered.

Steve’s interview is up first, he discusses what it was like to prep for the aforementioned Danzig shows, what it’s like to switch from bass or drums (which he has played in Danzig and Samhain respectively), to lead singer in his band Marra’s Drug.

Marra’s Drug is the main focus of the interview, but we give you a sneak peek of a future Mars Attacks Classic Albums Column when Steve is asked about The Misfits. Steve grew up in the same town (Lodi, NJ), went to school with Doyle, and was there when the band rose, and consequently came apart. As a result, he provides a unique point of view on the band and the folklore/urban legend that has surrounded the band all these years later. He also discusses his tenure in Samhain.

Vinny’s interview comes up during the last half of the show, and centers around his new band Kill Devil Hill.

He discusses how the band came together, their musical direction, and what each member adds to the mix that makes Kill Devil Hill. With Vinny you also get a sneak peek into a Black Sabbath album that will be featured in an upcoming Classic Albums Column that will debut this summer.

While commenting on Sabbath he discusses the possibility of Heaven & Hell continuing without the late Ronnie James Dio, and mentioned several lead singers, namely Glenn Hughes, Bjorn Lande, and Rob Halford.

He also brings up the fact that he was asked to join Ozzy’s Blizzard of Oz before being asked to join Sabbath, how he purposely set out to differentiate himself from his brother Carmine, the project 9 Chambers, and what it was like to take part in Drum Wars with Carmine.

The episode contains music from Marra’s Drug, Danzig, Black Sabbath, and Dio.

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