Mars Attacks Radio Episode 76 – Hard Rock & Metal Made In Spain!

At 8PM EST / 5PM PST / 2AM CET you’ll hear the latest episode of the Mars Attacks Radio show. This episode contains a bunch of great bands from Spain, including 77, The Eyes, Arenna, Gauntlet, Omission, Vhaldemar, Crisix, Angelus Apatrida, Clockwork, Hannah, Bifrost, Crystal Moors, Bittencross, Hell’s Fire, The Revenge Of Hannya, and Wayne, etc. This actually forms part of a Spanish music special that will be spread out between Mars Attacks Radio (which includes hard rock and metal bands that sing in English), Fusion Sonica Radio (hard rock and metal in Spanish) and The Incoherent Rambling Of Victor M. Ruiz (some indie, some rock, some rap, etc. from Spain).