Recap Of Mars Attacks Radio Episode 76 – Made In Spain

Light Among Shadows –Lying Among Shadows
Noctem – The Arrival Of The False Gods
Sexplosion – She’s Ready To Lick
77 – Are You Ready For Rock N Roll
Nami – The Inner Man – Materia
The Eyes – Die To Rise
Arenna – The Strangest Of Lives
Haemorrahage – Open Heart Butchery
Gauntlet – In The Name Of ( )
Omission – Traitor
Vhaldemar – Arrows Flying High
Violent Eve – The Whisper Of The Shrouded Child
Steel Horse – Run To Survive
Crisix – Ultra Thrash
Angelus Apatrida – Clockwork
Clockwork – One Last Fight
Hannah – A Life In Rock Minor
Bifrost – Freedom
Crystal Moors – Circle Of The Five Serpents
Briargh – Cult Of The Ancient Oak
Moonshine – Into The Boundless Spheres
Bittencross – Summoning The Leviathan
Hell’s Fire – Lost Highway
The Revenge Of Hannya – Leave Behind
Rise Of Fury – Death Is Forever
Stunts – Medicine (A Brand New Day)
Khayman – God Is Redneck
Pray For Satan – Desert Highway 666
Masque Of Death – Abeyance
Face The Void – Sex Drugs And R’N’R
Wayne – Zenith