Podcast Episode 58 – Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth along with members of White Wizzard & Fury UK

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The latest episode of the Mars Attacks podcast contains interviews with Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, Jon Leon and Giovanni Durst of White Wizzard and Chris Appleton of Fury UK.

John Schaffer discusses Iced Earth’s latest album Dystopia, how Stu Block has reinvigorated the band, what Jim Morris means to the band, and how he decides what ends up being Iced Earth, Sons of Liberty, or Demons And Wizards. We also talk a little bit about politics and provide John with a bit of Civil War trivia that he surprisingly was not aware of!

With Jon Leon and Giovanni Durst we discuss the current state of White Wizzard, some of the issues they ran into after Flying Tigers was released, the touring line up with included Michael Gremio C.J. Cussell and Jake Dreyer, and the possible future of the band as a studio, and touring band.

Chris gives us a brief rundown of the tour and explains what it’s like to be a supporting act for Iced Earth.

Here are some shots that were taken the day of the show

During the episode you’ll hear snippets of the following tracks:

Iced Earth – Anthem
Overkill – Electric Rattlesnake
Kill Devil Hill – Voodoo Doll
Pharaoh – Castles In The Sky
Fury UK – I See Red
Fury UK – The Remainder
White Wizzard – Fight To Live
White Wizzard – West L.A. Nights
Iced Earth – Dante’s Inferno 2011
Iced Earth – V
Iced Earth – Days Of Rage

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