Radioactive Metal Episode 210: The Guy From Dubai

Our fellow Cast Iron Ring members Radioactive Metal have sent us the following news along:

Despite a growing global acceptance of our beloved genre, there are still areas of the world where the idea of Metal having a presence seems rather far fetched. The hunger for heavy in the unlikely nation of Dubai was so strong, all it seemingly took was the efforts of one visionary to bring the Metal to those masses. The amazing story of Alex Zubair, founder and axeman of death metallers NEPHELIUM, is one that must be shared with the world and had us latched on to every word. Even more amazing is the fact that the band is still independent, but that just guarantees many more chapters in this incredible story. To prove Metal is indeed a global phenom, we introduce England’s HEAD 13 (because you can never get too much) in our “Indie Spotight”. Horns up around the world!!

If you’re interested in checking this episode out, go here.