Godsmack covers Joe Walsh?

Godsmack is a group that I thoroughly enjoy, I’ve defended the band, and its members on numerous occasions. But the band is about to release a live album called Live & Inspired which will include a series of “well known covers”. One of these covers is Rocky Mountain Way, a track originally recorded by Joe Walsh. This is what I don’t get about people doing covers of well known songs, especially one like this one which I’ve heard so many times on classic rock radio, that I hope to have my ear drums gauged out before ever hearing again. What’s the point? Your fans aren’t going to dig this track, because it’s that boring song I hear on the radio 15 times a day. Which also means (similar to their version of the Led Zeppelin classic Good Times Bad Times) it will only get played in their home state of Massachusetts and little else. Hey for all I know it charted well when it came out, but I do believe you’ll hear 5 other tracks by the band before you ever hear Good Times Bad Times on the radio again. Same deal with Rocky Mountain Way, you’ll have the novelty factor for a few weeks, maybe a month, and expect to never hear it again on the air. No way this takes any airplays away from the original.

In my opinion Metallica got it right with Garage Days Revisited, and Garage Days Re-Revisted. Cover tracks you aren’t bored to death listening to that you’ll actually say to your friends “did you hear that cool new cover band X just put out?” “Instead of doing Paranoid or Iron Man they decided to go with Johnny Blade, and made the track their own, check it out!” Instead of “Why did they cover this song, don’t we hear it enough already?” Ask Stryper if their version of Judas Priest’s Breaking The Law or Boston’s Smoking gets played anywhere to prove my point.