Album Review: Gotthard – Firebirth

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Did a review a few weeks back for Metal Army America that discussed GOTTHARD’s latest release, Firebirth. Here is a quick caption:

Ok, so more than one person reading this site is going to say “why are they featuring GOTTHARD, who cares about them, they aren’t metal”. Well maybe they’re right based on what metal is in 2012, but this is a band that is extremely popular all over the world. They play all of the bigger festivals in Europe, and are the most successful act to hail from Switzerland. They are consistent chart toppers, having eleven straight number 1 albums, and selling millions of albums worldwide. How many “cult” or “pure” bands can do that? Are they more AOR than MASTODON? Yeah, you’re probably right with that assessment, but they aren’t exactly RHIANNA either!

Firebirth is their first release in three years, and the first after the tragic loss of their lead singer STEVE LEE.

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