Podcast Episode 65 – Six Feet Under and God Forbid

The latest episode of the Mars Attacks podcast contains an interview with Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under and Matt Wicklund of God Forbid.

Chris discusses a bunch of things including the band’s latest album Undead, his inspirations after all these years, and how certain fans may no longer consider some of the bands he’s covered in the past as being metal!

Some of the items discussed with Matt include how he ended up joining God Forbid, if he had any apprehensions considering the blood connection of the person he was replacing, how working with God Forbid varied from withing with other projects, and what his prized possession is(it may surprise a few).

During the episode you’ll hear snippets of songs by Six Feet Under, God Forbid, Vision Of Disorder, and In This Moment.

The podcast portion can be streamed or downloaded from here:

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