Cast Iron Ring Special Edition: KISS

CIR001 lobbycard

For those keeping score Mars Attacks Podcast was asked to form part of the Cast Iron Ring a few months back. The various hosts of the shows associated to “The Ring” tend to talk quite a bit behind the scenes about each others show, guests etc. So when we started discussing things like the iPhone app, we started kicking around the idea of doing a joint podcast with various hosts. We sort of took advantage of the fact that Kiss was releasing their new album Monster, and decided to do a show centered around a band. A band that the four hosts featured have followed for pretty much their entire lives. The host in question are John from Iron City Rocks, Roch from Radioactive Metal, Scott from Focus On Metal, and yours truly Victor from Mars Attacks Podcast. Hopefully this will be the first of many Cast Iron Ring Podcasts. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting the episode together.

The episode can be streamed or downloaded from here:

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