Podcast Episode 85 – Kiss, Kiss and More Kiss

kiss rock and roll hall of fame


The latest episode of Mars Attacks contains three separate discussions regarding Kiss, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, a hypothetical theory regarding Iron Maiden and the hall, and why fans see their inclusion in a different light than Kiss.

The first segment contains comments from long-time Talking Metal Forums poster Zman discussing his take on Kiss and the rock hall, and why Gene and Paul should do whatever they want. Chris Czynszak delves into the subject further and explains how discussing Kiss is now grouped in with politics, and religion as things he doesn’t want to touch on Facebook. That is, until after the band’s induction.

Finally, for those listening to the Talking Metal Digital on Friday night’s you may have already become accustomed to hearing Mark Strigl, and this very podcast’s Victor M. Ruiz discuss a wide variety of subjects. The third segment is the “lost” TM Live episode from Friday, February 28th, 2014. You’ll hear Mark discuss the hall, VH1 Rock Honors, Wendy O Williams, wigs, etc.

Throughout the episode, you’ll hear music by Doro, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Frehley’s Comet, Wendy O. Williams, Union, and of course Kiss. Support the bands you love, and help the podcast out at the same time. Go to our Amazon store, and purchase any of the albums whose music is featured during this

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