Podcast Episode 92 – Tommy Victor

tommy victor prong


Tommy Victor is featured on the latest episode of the Mars Attacks Podcast.

During his interview, he discussed the reality of how smaller labels work, how Spotify has affected the band, reteaming with Steve Evetts for Ruining Lives, and what he brings to the band. He also goes into how his lyric style has changed for the album, Prong’s upcoming tour with Overkill, why Schecter guitars have become his instrument of choice.

Tommy was also gracious enough to comment on three albums that will be featured during upcoming editions of our Classic Albums series. His comments are more like a history lesson, as he was there when some of the bands discussed were rising through the ranks. He also gives a brief rundown of new Danzig material that will be out at some point in the future.

To check out the Classic Albums Column based on Prong’s Cleansing, go here to read contributors’ comments, and or download the podcast based on the episode.

Throughout the episode, you’ll hear music by Prong, which comes from not only their new album but from various other classic albums by the band. Support the bands you love and help support the podcast at the same time, go to our Amazon store and pick up any of the albums featured during this episode here.

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