Podcast Episode 94 – Worship Middle Eastern Metal

Episode 94 of the podcast kicks off our Worship series. During the episode we are joined by Travis Beard who has put together a documentary called Martyrs Of Metal. The documentary focuses on District Unknown, the first Afghan metal band, and how they came together, and the subsequent highs and lows they encountered playing in Afghanistan. The documentary also focuses on what it is like to be a metal head in the middle east.

Throughout the episode you’ll hear music from District Unknown, and other middle eastern bands such as Orpahned Land, Khalas, and Betzefer. Support the bands you love and help support the podcast at the same time, go to our Amazon store and pick up any of the albums featured during this episode here.

You can also get a hold of the District Unknown at the following locations, Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

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