Podcast Episode 97 – Best Of 2014

Best Of 2014

BEST OF 2014

This episode contains the top ten albums of 2014 as per host Victor M. Ruiz and his subjective taste. Here is a mock list that was put together in the vein of many metal sites that have to force their metal cred down your throats at every turn by concocting lists of the most extreme bands out there on the web.

1. Anal Fissure – Pain From Below
2. Putrid Rage – Still Trashing The Stage
3. Malevolent Flatulence – Bowels of the devil
4. Spontaneous Boredom – Attentive
5. The Fisters – In Through The Front Door
6. H.A.R.T.S. – Swedish Dirty Knights
7. Hermaphroditic Split – One Becomes Two
8. Vnder Grovnd Kvlt – Black Mammoth Pelts
9. Ear Peeler – If The Thrash Don’t Make Your Ears Bleed….
10. Left Ventricle – Vas Deference Last Pass

But seriously, check out the episode to find out what bands actually made the 2014 list.

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