Videos – Rattlebone Cities On Flame

Starting next week we will begin to feature cool bands from the past that are no longer with us on Tuesdays, here is a preview if you will. It is a shame that this is one of the only things I can find by Rattlebone online. Cool cover, but there was so much more to this band.

Back in college my sometimes co-host Chris Vaglio and I were lucky enough to have Hollywood Recording Artist Rattlebone come in to our station. Famed photographer Kevin Estrada was working at the label and helped set everything up. In any event, their song Society Dog has been in my head all morning and decided to listen to their EP, I still do from time to time. Being the music geek that I am, I decided to look the band up on Google to see what had become of the four individuals that were Rattlebone.

So it turns out the the members of the band are now all over the world, and have passed through some big name bands as well.

Drummer Kerry Furlong is in New Zealand and from what I’ve been able to dig up, works for a sound and lighting company. Singer and bassist Roger Deering is now the singer and guitarist of the band Smash Fashion, and they’ve recently released an album called Big Cat Love. Here is a video they recently released called Live To Tell.

Keyboard player Jeff Muendel spent sometime in Circus Of Power, and Masters Of Reality, but has since written a few novels and works in the IT world. Brendon McNichol was the member of the band that had the most “on the job experience” going into the band, and has been the one that has garnered the highest profile gigs. He became a touring member of both Masters Of Reality and Queens Of The Stone Age (among others), playing guitar, lap steel, and keyboard with the latter. His soloing appears on one of my all time favorite tracks and videos Go With The Flow by QOTSA.

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We featured Queens Of The Stone Age’s Songs For The Deaf as part of our Classic Albums Column. If you missed that episode out, you can find it here. If you want to pick up the album go to Amazonir?t=marattradpod 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00006F83Y or iTunes,, CD Universe0HDg&bids=214935, fye0HDg&bids=377686, or used from Second Spin0HDg&bids=218489.